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Platform Steam
Languages Multilanguage
Regions Worldwide
Developer YYZ
OS Windows


Instead of having a fixed plan in mind, we want to let you decide what direction we'll be heading in. There are already some features you can explore. Check out our experimental branch and let us know what you think of them!

You can access the experimental branch by right clicking Havendock in your Steam Library, opening the Properties window, and selecting "Experimental builds for Windows" in the Betas tab.

And for other ideas, you can visit YYZ’s Notion's page. He puts all your ideas there together with his! In addition, we already started collecting suggestions through conversations with players, feedback forms, suggestions on Discord forums, etc. We have also now created a suggestions thread on Steam, and in the future we will prepare even more ways to provide your input, e.g. through a feature upvote system.

Your feedback will allow us to adjust priorities and decide what to develop. Join our Discord and let us know!

Take a look at some of the ideas:

Cow Island
Build a barn and raise cows to get milk and make delicious desserts!

Astronomy Island
Your settlement gets a taste of outer space! Pull meteorites and turn them into resources.

Tired of your bustling settlement? Design a boathouse and sail away.

The Cave
Discover the underground world! Fight creatures inhabiting the cave and claim new resources.

House Building System
Become creative building your dream house! Design unique buildings.


Join our Discord to share your feedback and influence the future shape of the game.

About the Game

Havendock is a resource management game, where you try to survive in the middle of the sea and build a thriving town. You attract settlers onboard and manage them, while trying to meet their needs.

Havendock is designed as a single-player experience. It has a free bonus: a co-op mode, but right now it is experimental and full of bugs.If you are considering buying the game solely for the co-op, we recommend being patient until that mode is fully functional in the future. If you want to try this out either way, here you can find list of workarounds for issues, so feel free to use it and share your feedback there.

- Spanish, Thai and Ukrainian - were all done by the community,
- French, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese - wouldn't be possible without the community involvement.
Thank you so much for your support!

Create your own character. This is your life now, stay positive!
Collect resources from floating debris. Build facilities to become self-sufficient.
Arrange your settlement the way you want and at your own pace.

Build farms to grow food and cook delicious meals.
Raise and feed animals – make fluffy new friends, they just want to help.

Welcome new survivors – manage tasks and production to keep everyone happy and healthy. More settlers means more needs to be met, but don't worry. You'll teach your new pals how to work, and they'll help you automate the things you like less.

Master mad science – push past the limits of modern engineering and common sense. From basic devices like water distiller or coffee maker to robots that help you further automate your work, power plants, submarine, and even… a rocket.

Build boats and discover isles looming on the horizon.
Jump into your submarine to explore the depths of the ocean and look for ores and oil.

Invite your friends and play in co-op mode. Have fun but keep in mind that you’ll encounter a spectacular number of bugs as long as this is work-in-progress mode.

Problems and workarounds: please contribute if you want, and sorry for any inconvenience.