Frequently asked questions

What currencies do you accept?

Only bitcoin (BTC).

Do you accept Lightning payments?

Yes of course!

See our up-to-date node addresses here.

What's a "sat"?

It's short for "satoshi", Bitcoin's smallest monetary unit. 100,000,000 satoshis = 1 bitcoin.
Expressing small prices (like games) in sats is much more readable than a fractional number in bitcoins!

What's the advantage of paying with Bitcoin compared to credit cards?

Bitcoin has several advantages compared to credit cards:

  • It's secure: with Bitcoin, you can be sure that the merchant can only charge you once for the agreed upon amount.
    Contrary to credit cards, you do not need to reveal any "secret number" to buy something and hope that no-one misuses it.
    No surprise recurring charges or overcharge, all of this is impossible. You have full control over your money!
  • It's worldwide: depending on where you live, your credit card may not work well with all shops worldwide (or you may not even be able to have a credit card/bank account in the first place).
    With Bitcoin, a simple Internet connection is all that's required. No matter your country or the country of the shop, it works.
  • It's for everyone: everyone can use a Bitcoin wallet. You do not need to worry about your bank randomly freezing payments or closing accounts just because the bank bosses don't like you.
  • It protects your purchasing power: this is more of a long-term thing. But since Bitcoin is sound-money, as time goes by, you can get more bang for your sats.
    As an example: when we launched, the price for an average newly released popular game was about 800,000 sats, now it's around 100,000 sats (87% off!).
    Over time...
    ... with credit cards based on central bank money, everything tends to become more expensive.
    ... with Bitcoin, everything tends to become cheaper.
  • It respects your privacy: when you purchase with Bitcoin, you don't need to reveal any private data (name/physical address/phone number...).
    Your personal information is yours, we do not want it.
    Transmitting personal data over the Internet is a security risk that should be avoided whenever possible.

How long do I have to wait for my payment to be confirmed?

Depending on your payment method:

  • Bitcoin Lightning: instant! Your payment is confirmed immediately.
  • Bitcoin On-chain: variable. We wait for your payment to reach 1 confirmation on the blockchain (which means Bitcoin miners have to include it in at least one block).
    It can take a few minutes to hours or more depending on the Bitcoin network congestion and the miner fees that you selected.
    If you need real-time estimates of the time that it would take to get a confirmation for different mining fee rates, we recommend using the Fee Estimator.

I didn't receive my key, what happened?

Please check your spam folder just in case.

Almost all orders are delivered within seconds after the payment is confirmed.

If it doesn't happen, it might be due to a technical issue. If that's the case, we're really sorry for the inconvenience but don't worry we're monitoring all new orders very closely and any delivery issue will be solved within 1 business day.

How much time do I have to pay an invoice?

An invoice is valid for 2 hours. Your payment must be seen on the network before this time. If the invoice expires don't worry, you can retry whenever you want by submitting a new order.

If you pay on-chain, once your payment is seen on the network (unconfirmed), the delay is extended by an additional 12 hours to wait for a confirmation. If your payment fails to confirm in time, the invoice expires. Please make sure to select sufficient mining fees to guarantee a prompt confirmation.

If you need help to choose a suitable on-chain mining fee, we recommend using the Fee Estimator.

My payment was rejected (it took too long to confirm / I mistakenly sent less than expected). What can we do?

Please contact our customer support (click on the "Help" button in the bottom-right corner) with the following details and we will send the payment back to you:

  • the email used for your order
  • your order ID
  • a destination bitcoin address or a lightning invoice to send your refund

How many blockchain confirmations do you require?

Just 1 if you pay on-chain, and 0 if you pay using Lightning ⚡

Are the game keys legit?

Yes, all game keys come from legitimate sources (game publishers, distribution networks, brick-and-mortar game shops liquidating their physical inventory, or in some cases directly from the developers).

Some shady resellers force you to use a VPN to activate keys they bought from restricted regions or give you a key that will later be disabled by the gaming platform because it was obtained fraudulently (credit card fraud for example). We don't tolerate any of that. All of our keys are original, can be activated on the relevant gaming platform (Steam, Origin, Uplay,, ...), and will stay activated. The vast majority of our keys can be activated worldwide (if not, the region is clearly disclosed in the product description and we advise you to NOT buy it if you're not physically present in that region).

These requirements are also the reason why we do not accept the demands of individuals who wish to resell their keys on our platform.

Why is the invoice amount in cryptocurrency different than the amount that was shown on the product page?

There are 2 possible reasons:

  • cryptocurrency rates are refreshed regularly. The update may have happened between the display of the product page and the invoice's generation. However, once the invoice is generated, the cryptocurrency amount is fixed until the invoice expires.
  • if you pay on-chain, our payment processing system may add "network fees" to the invoice total. We tend to disable this when the network is not congested, but if the fees spike we unfortunately have to add this charge. Please favor Lightning payments if that's the case!
    Note that this is different from miner fees that you have to pay on your side. Network fees cover the cost that we have to pay to consolidate our UTXOs and vary depending on current blockchain traffic. We prefer to be transparent about this rather than hiding it within higher overall product prices, as you can avoid network fees by using Lightning ⚡, then network fees are unfairly cheap at 0 satoshis.

Do you have any plans to support altcoins?